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NiX Injector APK

Download Nix Injector APK, is a high-quality tool that will surpass your expectations by providing the most delicate features for your games.

App Name NiX Injector APK
Genre ,
Size 11.8 MB
Latest Version V1.90
Last Updated                         June 22, 2024


Do you enjoy playing video games? Are you a frequent participant in ML games? If so, you have come to the right place since we will introduce you to a terrific injector that will maximize your efficiency in ML games. So, stick with us until the end and get acquainted with the New injector we will discuss. The NIX Injector APK, like another injector primarily utilized in Mobile Legend Bang Bang games, is now available on the market with many new and superior features. This feature needs no subscription or any payment for the unlock, so they are entirely free of cost.

So, if you are losing interest in ML Games since there are so many premium features that require a lot of money or time to obtain. For that, New Injector ML is an exceptional injector tool that will assist you not only in opening hundreds of ML skins but more than thousands of fresh and updated ML skins and many other first-rate features for your ML games.

NIX Injector ML 2024:

Injector Nix is a high-quality tool that will surpass your expectations by providing the most delicate features for your games. We all know that many ML features are premium. Therefore, you’ll have to invest your money or wait to accumulate points by winning levels and unlocking them. These steps appear tedious to follow and may tire you of the game. So, another way to acquire these functionalities without spending a dime is to use the new Injector.

These fantastic tools provide thousands of ML skins that make your hero extraordinarily appealing and speedy in the game. The drone vision function can also be added to the game so that no matter what weapon you use, you can correctly locate and shoot your opponents, so they do not have a chance to hit back. Maps, unique effects, and diverse backgrounds are additional characteristics that will improve your passion for playing the game. The maps will let you discover new destinations in the virtual world.

Furthermore, we recommend it because of its upgraded and innovative features. So, if you are an ML games player, give it a try so that you can utilize its features and will not regret using it. Become the first to acquire the app and enjoy the benefits of all its services for free. And also visit on HackerBaba and enjoy your gaming life.

NiX Injector Latest Version:

ML games are more famous worldwide because of their accessible play mode and excellent graphics. People prefer to play these games because of their rated features, yet the game features are mostly premium. Few injectors are available on the internet, giving you access to the app’s services free of cost. The new and remarkable injector that provides these free features is the new Injector.

ML skins, Drone view, Maps, different effects and modes, and various backgrounds are excellent quality features that increase your chance of winning the game in the new Injector 2022. So, if you want to be on the list of the winners, then hurry and install the app, use all its cheats, and be the inspiration for other ML players.

Features of the NiX Injector ML:

Free premium ML skins:

The injector has the feature that it will provide all the premium oldest to the newest ML skins for free. These skins include:

  • Mage skins
  • Marks Man skin
  • Support skin
  • Tank skin
  • Assassin skin
  • Fighter skin

3D Drone View:

This APK file helps you capture pictures of all the places in the area with a 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5X camera or tablet view. This view allows you to locate your opponent and do an accurate target on it.

Variety of Effects:

To remain engaged in the game, you will find many battles and recall effects which include:

  • Respawn Effect.
  • Elimination Effect
  • Notification Effect
  • Many emotes are available in it

These effects will make the game more interesting and exciting to play, and they also assist you in improving your player performance.

Various Background Themes and Music:

Free musicians in the background while playing the game is present here. The variety of backgrounds makes the game more astonishing to play.

Additional features

  • The small size of the App
  • Low Battery consumption
  • No bugs or viruses
  • No password
  • No login or personal details
  • Several maps
  • Free of cost, so free to download
  • Anti-Ban feature.

How to download or install the NIX Injector V1.90 APK?

If you want to securely download the app without facing any issues, then be cautious and follow the steps below to get the app on your Android device. Stay with us and read the instructions carefully to make no mistakes while downloading the app.

  • Click on the download button provided here on our website.
  • Wait a few seconds, then it will be saved in your Download Browser.
  • Do not click on the app for installation because you have to do one more step before installing the app.
  • Go to the settings and find the setting button on your PC or smartphone.
  • See the option of Unknown Sources and enable it.
  • Now you can install the App by clicking on it until it gets installed on your device.
  • Open the app and see the app’s main menu.
  • There, you will find the category of free features. Just click on it, and then there will be the option to inject, so click on it. So, they automatically launch in the MLBB games.
  • The app is functional in Android 8 and up because of its remarkable high-quality features.

FAQs About NiX Injector APK:

Is it safe to download and use the app?

Yes, due to fixing all the bugs in the updated version of the app. There is no harm in downloading and using the app on your Smartphone, it is 100% safe and secure to use as it is tested by downloading on many devices before its launch on the website.

Do we need to update the app ourselves, or will it update on its own?

To update the app, you need to visit our website frequently because we will upload its updated version soon after its launch. So, from there, you can download its latest version.

Does the App offer all ML game features for free?

Yes, it unlocks all premium ML skins and provides multiple options of resolution, Drone view, various maps, and many more without taking a single penny from you.

Where can we find the NIX Injector APK?

You do not need to go anywhere to find its password because it will give the link through which you are going to download the app.

How can we find the ML game features in the injector?

When you open the app’s main menu, you will find the free-of-cost features option. Just click on that. Find the features that you want to inject into the ML game. Click on the inject option available, automatically adding the part to your game.

Is it an anti-ban Injector?

Yes, the app has an anti-ban feature, so you can use all its cheats without fearing the deletion of your MLBB games account.


This App will prove your dream app if you start to use it because NiX Injector APK will make your life easier in playing the Mobile Legend Bang Bang games. This app will provide all ML skins, including the oldest and the updated ones, so your player will be unexceptionally unbeatable in the game while playing. It is a tool gaining popularity among game lovers, with thousands of daily downloads. The drone view allows you to watch the game in high resolution so that you will not get distracted while playing the game.

Different background themes, high-quality effects, unlimited ML skins, and more goods are available in the app. So do not waste your time and money unlocking the premium ML game features. Be the first to download and use the injector.

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